And the parts keep coming...

Over two years on from the closure of the plough manufacturing side of Dowdeswell Engineering, Dowdeswell parts services are still going strong and producing new parts to keep the remainder of the...
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25th Oct 2017

Grab a Piece of Dowdeswell History

It is still possible to buy ex-works Dowdeswell ploughs, or if tined cultivation is your thing, a Dowdeswell Speed-Harra (4 metre). All of these were manufactured before Dowdeswell Engineering...
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5th Apr 2016

Dowdeswell Engineering - In Administration   Richard Paul Rendle of local Insolvency Practitioners, Rendle & Co,...
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5th Aug 2015

Dowdeswell Parts Services - Not in Administration

I would like to take this opportunity to reassure Dowdeswell plough owners that Dowdeswell Parts Services Co Ltd is still trading as a separate company to Dowdeswell Engineering Co Ltd and is...
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16th Jun 2015

You get the picture?

After recently being sent some excellent pictures of refurbished older models of our ploughs we have introduced a ‘Customer Images’ section on the website. Anyone who has any...
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30th Oct 2013

145 and 141 Series get Category 4 Headstock

Category 4 Headstock Now Standard. As a result of the increasing demand for category 4 headstocks on larger ploughs the 145 series and 141 Series ploughs will be supplied with a category...
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3rd Jun 2013

New Design saves Time and Money

The redesigned UCN front landside allows for quick and easy reversing. By simply removing the front bolt and slackening the rear bolt the worn out landside can be rotated to give a new wearing...
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25th Mar 2013

Parts Get Pictures

More information is now available on individual parts in the newly added “Detailed Parts Information” section in the “Spares and Service” area of the website. Here you can...
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28th Jan 2013

2013 Pricing

New pricing for the 2013 Season is now in force.
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2nd Jan 2013

Japanese give Ploughing the Push

Dowdeswell sales manager Richard Hicks recently visited the Hokkaido area of Japan to demonstrate the 105 Series Push plough to Dowdeswell Importer, Agri- Direct. This 2 furrow variant of the...
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31st Oct 2012