Standard wearing parts Downloads

FOC Fixings for wearing parts

Wearing Parts FOC Bolt List.pdf: PDF (17Kb)

List of fixings supplied free of charge with wearing parts.


Single Bolt DD/DDs Mouldboard Triangle

Single Bolt Triangle.docx: DOC (167Kb)

To reduce downtime when replacing wearing parts and increase part life , the DD/DDs mouldboard triangle has been redesigned to be fitted with a single bolt fixing. See attached leaflet for more details.


DD & DDs Body Mouldboard Extensions

Mouldboard Extension.docx: DOC (605Kb)

This extension section can be retro fitted to any DD or DDs plough body using the same fixing as the standard tail peice.

The effect will be to move the turned furrow slice futher away from the furrow wall, to aid in the use of large tyres on the tractor unit. It will also turn and close the furrow more than the standard board.

Order as part number 1618400  ( fits RH & LH )


Furrow Splitters

Furrow Splitter Leaflet.JPG: JPG (444Kb)

With the introduction of vari-width ploughs which can plough upto 20" furrows, in some soil types this can result in a large 'slab' of soil being turned which can be difficult to break down into a good seed bed. Designed to split the furrow into two sections the furrow splitter sits neatly in between the point and the wing using only a single bolt fixing. With a 5" tall blade the splitter will cut through all but the deepest ploughing separating the furrow slice as it passes over the wing, encouraging a more rapid breakdown of the soil after ploughing.

Unlike the 'weld on' type splitter this version can be easily and quickly fitted/removed or replaced as and when required.

Part number for single blade furrow splitter: 1519898 RH, 1519899 LH.

A multi-blade version is also available with 3 knives for the DD/DDS body and 2 knives for the UCN/SCN body.

Part number for the 3 blade DD/DDS furrow splitter: 1587098 RH, 1587099 LH.

Part number for the 2 blade UCN/SCN furrow splitter. 1617098 RH, 1617099 LH.


Wearing Metal Parts Booklet for printing

Wearing Parts Booklet.pdf: PDF (2Mb)

Downloadable PDF format.


Body Parts UCN & SCN

UCN-SCN.pdf: PDF (132Kb)

A diagram showing the items associated with the UCN and SCN mouldboard assembly.


Body Parts - DD & DDs

DD-DDs.pdf: PDF (162Kb)

A diagram showing the items associated with the DD and DDs mouldboard assembly


DD Mouldboard Development History

Introduced in 1993 the DD.pdf: PDF (502Kb)

Details on the Changes to DD Mouldboards 1993 to present.


Body Parts - YCN

YCN Body Parts.pdf: PDF (336Kb)


Body Parts "M" Slat

M-Slat.pdf: PDF (676Kb)

The "M" Slat ws fitted from 1998 until 2011 when it was replaced by the "D Slat.